Safety First – Be Careful When Taking a Taxi Ride

You might have heard or read horrifying stories of public experiences with taxi journeys. However, almost every other incident occurs in unlicensed minicabs. Most victims site the allure of cheaper rates as the reason they used the taxi in the first place. Sure, we all want to save money but when it comes to cabs, your safety is critical. Below are tips to help you stay safe in all your taxi rides.

Look for a Badge, Radio or Meter

All licensed taxi operators will have a badge, radio and a meter for calculating the charges. At the very least, the driver should carry and display their ID badge in their car, whether you’re looking for taxis in Blackpool area or any part of the country.  Do not get into the cab if you don’t see a badge or a radio. And when you’re inside the vehicle, make sure that the door handle is working. That way, you can find an escape route faster in case of kidnapping.

Always Pre-book

Consider booking your taxi days or even weeks before you travel. The idea is to be sure that the car will be available when you need it. Again, wait for the car to arrive. Don’t be swayed to take another minicab just because the one you booked is getting late. But, in case of long delays, cancel the first booking and look for the next available option. Also, don’t forget to ask for the cab’s number when speaking to the dispatcher. You want to be sure that you’re getting into the right car.

Avoid Getting in a Taxi Alone When You’re Drunk

Make no mistake about it; it is always advisable to take a minicab if you’ve had too much drink. However, whenever possible, get into the car with one or two friends. Even if you don’t get kidnapped, there’s every chance that you might fall asleep. Your pal(s) will direct the driver to your destination and most importantly make sure that you get to wherever it is you are going in one piece.

In Conclusion

You should be satisfied that the taxi you’re about to board is safe for you.  Don’t hesitate to cancel your booking if you any reason to think otherwise. On top of that, sit in the back seat so can see your driver at all times. In other words, make sure that you can tell the driver’s intentions before he executes them.