Instagram – Ask me Anything – Hour

Instagram - Ask me Anything - Hour

Once a week we cover a platform that people have questions about and after several requests over the past months I figured it’s time cover Instagram in a little more depth so let’s kick it off with a BANG!

Why do we need Instagram?

We don’t, how about that? It’s a photo sharing app but they are honestly a dozen a dime. What’s wrong with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share your photos? Nothing really so in my holy opinion we don’t need Instagram, we just like it!

Can I get famous on Instagram?

Believe me, you can never limit your dreams so yes you can become famous at Instagram if you put continued efforts into it. Isn’t that the case with everything that you take on? Just make sure you got something unique to offer.

How to be cool on Instagram?

Just be yourself, the biggest mistake people make is to appear to be cool but it all depends on perceptions, the perception you have of yourself or more important the perceptions others have of you. Cool is such a relative term.

How to get more likes on Instagram?

One thing you can do is buy a bot at a site like Fred Harrington, it appears they really specialized on this topic so see for yourself. There are a million other ways to get likes but by using a bot or a growth service you speed this up big time.

I want more followers!

Yeah that’s what we all want, getting more likes or getting more followers is pretty much the same thing so see my answer above, this is a more general question/answer post so perhaps you can Google this question first.

When should I post on Instagram?

Whenever you feel like, spontaneous shots often get the most engagement. It does depend a little on where you live. Let’s say you live in Thailand and all your followers are from the states, with a 12-hour time difference it might be wise to stay up late or wake up early so that you can post when your followers are awake.

Do Instagrammers get paid?

I suppose it depends on the niche you are in. If you are into fashion there is a big chance that big brands will pay you, but not always in money. It’s a common practice to provide free bags, shirts, dresses, sunglasses and so on, which you can always sell later on to make money.

I hope this small guide helped you a little, watch out for our next ask me anything post and if you have more questions please leave them in the comments.