How Bots Can Ruin Your Brand On Instagram

Instagram automation is meant to help marketers achieve their marketing goals in a shorter span of time. However, rather than using automation as a tool to improve results, most third-party engagement companies use bots in unorthodox ways to help users achieve instant results. A majority of Instagram growth services such as LeadFriend as reviewed on Spire tend to use bot technology to grow your presence on Instagram by commenting, following, unfollowing, and liking posts on your behalf. Even so, bots bring along their share of shortcomings. This article looks at ways in which bots can do more harm than good to your account.


Bots have no consciousness, thus they don’t know what is context. It would be fine if you were only using automation tools for fielding straightforward customer service inquiries. However, when it comes to commenting on your behalf, it’s an entirely different scenario. Bots tend to comment inappropriately on posts because they don’t understand the context under which the post is created. What follows is a trail of insensitive and annoying comments or comments on inappropriate posts, which may portray your brand in a bad light.

For example, suppose someone has posted a picture of her kid sleeping on a hospital bed, probably on oxygen and all she’s asking for is prayers from her followers. As a human being, you will feel sorry and you can only write encouraging comments and messages of hope. However, if you give your bot the liberty to comment, you are likely going to find comments like ‘wow, I love this’. Such a comment would not only be hurtful and disrespectful but can portray a very bad image of your brand.

Lack of Authenticity

By using bots to grow your Instagram account, you are being dishonest with yourself and your real followers. Social media engagement should be a two-way traffic where a person interacts with another real person. However, with bots, the human connection is lost.  As a result, you will find an account updating new content throughout the day but does not respond to queries, or reply to comments.

With people becoming more savvy and smart on Instagram nowadays, it will be just a matter of time before your antics are discovered. To grow a healthy and strong presence on Instagram for your brand, all your engagements should be authentic and should be reflected on your account activity.

Finally, using bots to grow your following is a violation of Instagram’s terms of use. Therefore, if you are not careful about how you use these tools to market your brand, you may subject your account to shadow banning. Bots cannot and will never replace human interaction, thus, having them representing your brand is a risky maneuver.