Dr Infrared Heater Review

There are dozens of reasons why consumers buy Dr Infrared Heaters. For example, the heaters are efficient because they distribute heat evenly within a space. Speed is another reason why infrared heaters are popular. According to independent lab studies, a typical infrared heater can quickly warm a 1,000 square foot room in under 30 minutes. Many infrared heaters are also durable. If you buy a unit that has a sturdy heating element, the device will provide quality heat for more than 20,000 hours. Because all units have advanced components, they produce healthy heat by retaining moisture and oxygen in the environment.

Infrared Heater Usage Details

A traditional heater heats a space by increasing the temperature of the air. A Dr Infrared Heater, however, heats the air and all objects in the environment. This is why the warm air lingers for a longer length of time. Conventional heaters are less efficient; they use electric coils to heat the air, so the temperature in a space drops quickly the moment the elements shut down.

Infrared Heater Safety Benefits

An infrared heater is a very safe heating device because it has state-of-the-art features. The device heats a space using infrared light waves, so kids and pets are never at risk.

The heater produces heat like the sun. If you stand directly in the sunlight, you will feel warmer than you would feel while standing in a shaded spot. The heat is more intense because the sun’s infrared light has absorbing properties. This is why infrared heaters are totally safe; they do not burn surfaces when they produce heat.

Infrared Heater Energy Benefits

When consumers operate infrared heaters, their monthly energy bills drop dramatically. Homeowners save money because infrared technology heats a space quicker than propane and kerosene. In addition, infrared heaters use far less energy than other heaters.

Infrared Heater Health Benefits

When an infrared heater generates heat in an environment, it does not produce any fumes or smoke. This is why the humidity level never increases or drops while the heater is in use. Homeowners appreciate that infrared heaters emit clean air because they never have to use humidifiers.

Infrared Safety Guide for Homeowners

Although infrared heaters are safe, you must follow a few safety rules to prevent unnecessary accidents or injuries. A infrared heater produces heat waves, so you must keep all combustible materials three feet away from the heating element. The housing that surrounds the heater remains cool; however, the grill gets very hot.

Maintenance is also important because sediment will build up around the filter and fans. The process of cleaning the sediment is easy. Most units have a cover that is easy to remove. However, a few heaters are manufactured with a secured compartment. To access the components in these units, you must unscrew several screws with a proper screwdriver.

Overall, if you need a good heater, a Dr Infrared Heater is a great choice. If you keep it clean and maintain it, your family will enjoy comfortable, warm air throughout the winter.