Dog shock collars. Merits and demerits.

In most cases, it does not make difficulties using such device. It is easy to understand and apply the principles of its work and a technique of training.

Main merits of dog shock collars for training:

  • Immediate reaction of a dog to the given commands;
  • Rapid results. Training by means of this device considerably facilitates educational process, both for the trainer and for a dog. In the meanwhile, it borrows less time;
  • The convenience of application. The emergence of shock collars has made possible even long distance training. At the same time, the cost of these devices is available, so it allows avoiding costs for the professional cynologist services (which will surely take considerable time).
  • shock collars can be effective where usual methods of training do not work. Besides, it is the best tool for punishment of a dog. With help of shock, a dog will quickly understand who exactly “the leader of the pack”.

There are plenty of other merits, which are customary for certain types of models. Learn more at Dogshock Training.

Training with this device must be consecutive, without use of bribes in the form of various delicacies which can be not always available. The shock collar guarantees that the dog will completely recover from “temporary deafness” and will always hear your signals. If at a dog really of has a problem with hearing, then vibration and the adjusted levels will help the owner. The shock collar will help to stop bark of a dog on a chain or in the car.

This device will put an end to prosecution by a dog of cats and vehicles.

People with limited physical abilities, such as disabled people, children, women etc. would be able to control dog easily.

And, at last, the shock collar will help to reduce tendency of a dog’s aggression towards you or members of your family.

The relations of the trainer and dog will considerably improve in view of the fact that now punishment does not proceed from the person, and is a consequence of “a heavenly penalty”.

About demerits of shock collars:

  • permanent use can cause fear and concern;
  • excessive electric stimulation of high intensity can cause physiological reactions to a stress, such as defecation and urination;
  • when the dog gets out of hand, the shock collar is only partially effective, especially in case of aggression or with certain types of a dog;