Do You Need Wedding Entertainment? Look No Further

Ah you’re getting married, magnificent! Today we are going to help you make a plan for the entertainment during your wedding, starting as early as the reception, all the way till the after party and we won’t forget about your or your friends’ children either so let’s get started with.

Making Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable

To do this we need to make some arrangement, like a special area for the children where they can play while every motion sets in place and of course we need a few assistants as everyone else will be attending the actual reception, the ceremony, the speeches and what not. In other words boring stuff for your kids.

While the guests are waiting there are plenty of things to entertain them with as well, how about a walking food bar during lunch hour or a catering service that walks by with snacks every 15-20 minutes or so. Everything is possible because this is your wedding and we want to turn it into an unforgettable experience for you.

It’s a little early for a band but it wouldn’t hurt to hire some magician to keep the kids happy and perhaps some other things that you deem appropriate, there’s nothing wrong with some circus type of act in the day time, and who knows what else you can come up with.

We’re All Getting Hungry – Dinner Time

It totally depends on your budget of course but if this is virtually unlimited you could hire a piano player to provide some nice ambiance background music with a singer or two. Or if you want to keep it more limited you can obviously ask the venue to provide some background music. It all depends on where you plan to have dinner and the options that are available so make sure you ask for that well in advance.

If you really want to pack out you might want to think about taking everyone to the opera to watch an operate or musical if that’s your thing while enjoying your dinner. See I have plenty of ideas for you so don’t worry as this is your day and we can make it as great as you want.

Time For The Actual Party – Let’s Rock & Roll

We are going to change locations again, yes again, and it would be handy if you also took care of transport, a few large touring busses wouldn’t hurt because everyone probably had a few drinks too many to drive themselves by now. No problem because you have the budget.

I’m sorry for the people that can’t afford this magnificent wedding we are organizing here and the title might have been a little misleading but we’re targeting a certain crowds here so once again my apologies if I’m completely missing the boat and wasted your precious time, but hey, maybe you did pick up an idea or two so it can’t be that bad can it?

The type of entertainment during your party is rather location dependent, we understand you are young with a lot of young guests but don’t forget about your parents and aunts and uncles. Sure a party in the club is freaking awesome, with a popular DJ but perhaps that’s a better idea for the after party while from 9 PM till say mid-night it might be a good idea to keep it a little more traditional? What do you think? Thought so, I’m glad you agree so once it’s time for the elders to go sleep we are really going to party till the morning!