Boating in Levy County

A compact sea-side location, Levy County in Florida isn’t your typical county – with just 35,000 residents, or hereabouts, the county is tiny especially by today’s standards. However, this county has more to offer than what the size tells. A scenic landscape makes the county a haven for many people looking for a cool place to stay. Sitting on the Gulf of Mexico, this county boasts of 50 miles of oceanfront that attracts tourists upon tourists and affords them the best cuisine and outdoor fun.

Among the major crowd pullers in this county are the boat charters. These represent the best form of recreation albeit at an affordable price. The affordable prices have increased the boat sales and rentals in the area. If you are looking to own a sailing vessel of your own, then you can get one or more of these in the county.

Ideal for All Age Groups

Boat charters are an outdoor adventure that is ideal for all age-groups. You can get your whole family on the boat and cruise off into the enchanted waters of the region. The boat sales and rentals have also increased due to the proximity of the county to other sight-seeing destinations such as bistros, museums and many more. You can choose to just go with the waves or stop over at a national park located along the coastline.

Friendly dealers

The other reason why the boat sales have risen over the past few years in the county is that of the friendly nature of the buyers. The boat sellers will offer timely advice and guidance to you so that you don’t get lost in the waters. You get to know how to get the boating license and how to fulfill state requirements of owning the boat. A reliable boat dealer acts as the best source of information on everything boating.

Exquisite Cuisine

If boating becomes a bit boring, you can jump off the next dock and head to one of the available bistros to grab a bite. You get to enjoy classic Floridian foods prepared in the best way possible. While moving, you will find them anywhere along the coastline. While at it you can sample the various activities in the location.


The possibility of a slow and enjoyable afternoon boat ride, game-viewing, and fine cuisines make Levy County a place you don’t want to miss as your next travel destination. With your boat, the possibilities of having fun are endless.