5 Basic Protective Gears that every Motorcycle Rider should Have.

Motorcycle riding is a fun activity for those who have protective gears in place and observe preset rules. With the many sellers in the market, it can turn out to be a nightmare for those who want to select the perfect kit to make their riding experience successful. The following are the primary gears that you should have irrespective of the weather conditions.

  1. Helmet. This gear is essential because it protects you from physical injuries and extreme wind. Experts recommend full-face helmets as they protect your entire head from fatal injuries. This gear also guards your face against bugs and other organisms that can land on your face and cause accidents due to loss of focus. Having a helmet ensures that you do not suffer brain damage when by bad luck you have an accident. Advanced models have Bluetooth connection which allows you to pick calls, give directions or listen to music while on the road.
  2. Jacket. This safety gear keeps you warm during the cold season and thus important in protecting against catching colds. This piece of cloth comes in different materials which vary in price and texture. A full leather jacket is the most ideal for the winter season. You should select a piece that fits you well and also a material that allows ventilation. There should be a reflective material on this jacket to avoid accidents during night rides.
  3. Riding pants. According to http://www.bikersbasics.com/ , many people overlook this gear, but it is equally important as others. Professionals in this field recommend leather pants, but they are a bit pricey. If you cannot afford those made of leather, use a pair of jeans that fits you comfortably. Avoid the ones that have a wide bottom or made of stretchy fabric as they can easily entangle on the brake paddle and cause accidents.
  4. Riding gloves. There are many brands of gloves in the market, but the main ones come in leather, mesh or a combination of both. During the summer, use gloves that have perforations to allow easy ventilation.  Excessive heat can harm your hands during the warm season. During the winter months, you can use full-leather pieces and also ensure that they have insulation and are waterproof. These gears should protect essential parts such as the knuckles in case accidents occur. Ensure you select gloves that fit you well and those that allow you to perform basic tasks with ease.
  5. A good pair of boots. The riding experience won’t be perfect without a comfortable pair of boots that ensures that your legs are safe. Experts in this field recommend shoes with a flat sole because heels can affect the riding efficiency. A good pair should at least cover your ankles, but you can buy long boots as well. Paddled and armored boots provide extra protection to vulnerable parts such as the toe and ankles.

There can be more things one can add on a riding kit, but the above are the most basic. Ensure that you take riding class and get the necessary documentation before you hit the road.