Laminating film reviews 2015.

When we get to the floor lamination process, among other supplies the films could be considered as the most important. Below are the reviews of the popular laminate film manufacturers.

  • I have ordered my films from Kliklaminaat website and the quality turned out to be good. The films easily melted as I increased the temperature. Installing them was a bliss! After the first 3 months, I haven’t noticed any scratches or the unevenness on the surface, despite that it has been placed quite in a busy room where many children are playing and scattering things. If I was to give my rating, it would 5/5. For this price you couldn’t find any better.
  • I’ve been faithful customer of GBC, purchasing their glues, flooring and wallpapers for many years and as their production was cheap, I didn’t need anything else. As I’m not an actual carpenter though, I don’t always do the whole range of different installations, hence for many years, only I had to deal with actually laminating the parquet. As usual, I have grabbed GBC, thanks for their competitive price, and brought it home for the installation. To my disappointment their films turned out messy and they were tangling, so I couldn’t achieve the good and smooth surface as it should be. I’ve browsed through some forums and they said that films should never behave that way and I’d better off with another supplier in my case. Wish I’ve chosen another supplier indeed, because removing the laminate would be even more tiresome them putting it in the first place. My expensive parquet that I got as a gift was quite ruined…
  • NSC laminating films were my always my best choice among the other producers. The thing about NSC is that they use only the top quality grade materials and so the films come out straight out perfect. I know this quite well, as I’ve been visiting their factory and believe me, for their price, they are one of few suppliers who truly offers a quality production, rather than trying to swindle the potentially unaware buyers.
  • I tried some different brands and the last one I tried was from Cosmo Films. To be honest, I didn’t expect much, as it was just another brand, completely unknown to me, costing almost the same as any other. The films melted very quickly and got me an ideal surface! I just couldn’t wish for me. If you got Cosmo Films in your store, well, perhaps you should look no longer, as to my experience they will do just perfect.
  • As a carpenter, I have been doing lamination for many years and tried pretty much all of the local click laminate films as well imported brands that cost even twice of the regular price. As our company is quite flexible with prices, we allow the clients to choose the material options and though most of them rely on our choice, the others prefer to use their own brands. To be honest though, I couldn’t see much difference among them. All of them did pretty well, so I will abstain from recommending you any of the particular.